Punkabilly Bands I Like

Found this one written in Sharpie on a 3-ring binder (on the back of the actual binder itself) left on a sidewalk meridian nowhere near a school.  The waterlogged homework inside was for “Business Math.”  A couple of these bands I’ve never even heard of.

Punkabilly Bands I Like

The Vibrators

The Dictators

The See Ya Laters

The Haters

The Faders

The Alligators

The Serial Monogamous Daters

The Simulators

The Stimulators

The Rotators

The Rotator Cuffs

The Young Toughs

H.R. Puffenstuff and the Fuzzy Muffs

The Fluffs

The Sho’ Nuffs

The Pomeranians

The Green Hair Boys



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