Teachers:  for lower-level students, this can easily be broken into smaller sections.


A.  Rank the following in terms of severity* (#1-45).

__  Beheading of drug rival
__  Beheading of snitch
__  Beheading of adulterous spouse
__  Beheading of dishonorable daughter
__  Beheading of dandelion
__  Beheading of daddy long legs spider from last leg
__  Beheading of corpse
__  Beheading of queen
__  Beheading of unrequited love interest
__  Beheading of despot
__  Beheading of statue of despot
__  Beheading of effigy
__  Beheading of bread thief
__  Beheading of conjoined twin
__  Beheading of giraffe mid-neck
__  Beheading of penis
__  Beheading of kidnapped businessman
__  Beheading of perceived infidel
__  Beheading of seatmate on bus
__  Beheading of rape victim
__  Beheading of zombie
__  Beheading of explorer to be eaten
__  Beheading of illegal immigrant
__  Beheading of Jew
__  Beheading of black man
__  Beheading of journalist
__  Beheading of school administrator
__  Beheading of chicken
__  Beheading of snake
__  Beheading of accidental witness who swears not to tell
__  Beheading of taunting teenager in your cage
__  Beheading of someone with a smaller than average-sized head
__  Beheading of mascot
__  Beheading of statue of a god
__  Beheading of piñata
__  Beheading of beloved celebrity
__  Beheading of saintly mother
__  Beheading of controlling father
__  Beheading of rivalrous son
__  Beheading of innocence itself
__  Beheading of hallucinated phantoms
__  Beheading of CGI monster
__  Beheading of Bond villain
__  Beheading of activist
__  Beheading mid-genocide of just another victim
__  Self-beheading

B.  Rank the following in terms of severity* (#1-41)

__  Beheading by sword
__  Beheading by guillotine
__  Beheading by machete
__  Beheading by axe
__  Beheading by chainsaw
__  Beheading by explosion
__  Beheading by garrote
__  Beheading by cannonball
__  Beheading by swinging log
__  Beheading by sudden disbelief
__  Beheading by the power of an amazing idea
__  Beheading by bazooka
__  Beheading by shark bite
__  Beheading by bear bite
__  Beheading by bear trap
__  Beheading by predatory cat bite
__  Beheading by rhino bite
__  Beheading by brim of flying hat
__  Beheading by boomerang
__  Beheading by noose, obesity and time
__  Beheading by imagination
__  Beheading by telekinesis
__  Beheading by ribbon-necklace removal
__  Beheading by dull jackknife
__  Beheading by Sawsall
__  Beheading by conveyer belt ride to giant table saw
__  Beheading by veil caught in thresher
__  Beheading by elevator doors and building floor
__  Beheading by shovel
__  Beheading by hard yanking
__  Beheading by trip onto tall sharp edge of something
__  Beheading by fallen skyscraper window
__  Beheading by other car in accident
__  Beheading by machine gun
__  Beheading by laser
__  Beheading by clamping vagina
__  Beheading by voodoo
__  Beheading by twist-off
__  Beheading by helicopter blade
__  Beheading by wear and tear
__  Double-beheading followed by transplant/swap

*Unauthorized beheading is morally wrong AND against the law.


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