Not-Quite Euphemisms

Feel free to go below and browse the very incomplete collection of not-quite euphemisms.

1. Makin my Thor hammer go TING!
2. Shakin really full maracas
3. Not mindin doin it
4.Taking many forms
5. Using air quotes
6. Air-quoting your aura
7. Googling
8. Showing you the way to the mountain
9. Sharing in your journey
10. Listening to your Journey albums
11. Changin the channels and turnin up the volume
12. I’d like to play with her kids
13. Let’s just say we were doing the wave
14. Olly olly in come free
15. Girl, you could make my voice sound creepy
16. Checkin out the periodical section
17. Let’s just say I work at the IMF
18.  Doing some InPrivate browsing
19. Stripping
20. Taking Industrial Arts
21. Listening to the Surgeon General
22. Administering the Heimlich Maneuver
23. Debriefing the Chief of Staff
24. Eating a chocolate bagel

25. Coaxing an abdominal reaction
26. Applying a solution … in cream form
27. Demanding an apology
28. Upending a bookshelf
29. Wielding a fully-extended forklift

30. Overusing adverbs
31. Spinning and talking about God
32. Wheeling the wheely chair across the floor
33. Brushing teeth and saying good-night
34. Dancin like a white boy
35. Narc-ing
36. Chasing happiness with liberty
37. Removing the filter
38. Swapping
39. Accompanying to the farmers market
40. Poundin nails with my Thor hammer
41. Shingling
42. Arguing with other Avengers
43. Sleeping on my golden mane
44. Kissing


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