Dealing With Cops


Lady Cop.  A lady cop.
Man Cop.  A man cop.
Man.  A man.

Set:  A room.

Scene 1.

The cops face the man. 

Lady Cop:  Bark.

Man:  You have brothers.

Lady Cop:  Bark bark.

Man: And are gay.

Lady Cop: BARK.

Man: Oh, they don’t accept it.

Man Cop: Sniff.

Man: I miss talking with her.

Man Cop:  Sniff sniff.

Man:  I mean, if we’re to stand this close.

Man Cop: Sniiiiiiiifffff.

The Man puts his hands against the wall and spreads his legs, his back to the cop.

Lady Cop:  I think he wants you to fuck him, Tony.

Man:  Finally we agree on something.


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