You Missed It!

A group poem for two men, A and B, and a woman, C.

You Missed It!

B, C: I can’t believe you missed it!

A:  Where were you guys?
B, C:  Where were you?
A:   Home alone.  I called your phone.
C:  That true?

B:  Shit got so twisted!
C:  The coolest people that ever existed.
A:  I missed it?

C:  It’s done now.
B:  We all left somehow.
B,C:  I can’t believe you missed it!

B:  I raced horses on the lawn.
C:  They had a band at dawn.
A:  They had that shit goin’ on.

B:  We’re talkin’ fires on the beach,
hors d’oeuvres at arm’s reach–
C:  Just this–atmosphere
Plus: aromatherapy underwear.

B:  I liked the Anointing Station.
Like, you could go get anointed.
C:  Oh, the party passenger pigeon!
You wrote notes and pointed.

B (to C):  I liked when you just kissed it.
B, C:  I can’t believe you missed it!
A:  A-aww!

B:  Details can’t do it justice.
It was the whole picture.
C:  Some saint could literally
record it as scripture.

B:  It was like holy
meets holy fucking moley.
C:  I ate a shit-ton of that guacamole.

Then danced it off,
because how could you not?
B:  I’ve never felt so good
without the fear I’d get caught.

C (flashing a huge-rock ring):  I found my husband.
B:  I had to make her my wife.
A:  You got married?!
C:  Man, that wasn’t even the highlight!

B:  This was like one extra life
B,C: added on to this life.
C:  There was no other night like it.
B:  It was one of those nights.

B, C: (they sigh contentedly.)
C:  Why even list it?
B,C, A: I can’t believe you (I) missed it!

A:  Shit!


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