It’s Not Like I’ve Never Slept … Before

  • on a toilet
  • in a flooded tent
  • with my face in a pile of cocaine
  • on a waterbed
  • on a bunk waterbed
  • in a car trunk
  • underwater
  • in a cell
  • in a Swedish young women’s hostel
  • in a pig sty
  • on a Greyhound through Texas
  • on breasts
  • in zero gravity
  • in a dream
  • with a black person
  • on the pool table
  • at night
  • with strangers all around
  • on you
  • in a tree
  • underground
  • in a chimney
  • with homemade alarms ready to warn me
  • with a decoy in my bed
  • with my wife
  • with another homo
  • with a femme fatale
  • with a gun under my pillow
  • in the snow
  • in an igloo
  • on Mount Everest
  • with a rat in my beard
  • with the condom still on
  • still up in you
  • with, what are these, six dogs and cats?
  • in a walk-in refrigerator
  • in a coffin
  • at a party I crashed
  • with a concussion
  • with my mouth full
  • in my own waste
  • to lullabyes and head massages
  • in a burning forest
  • while parachuting
  • around
  • on a swing
  • on the train
  • on a bench
  • while breaking records
  • in class
  • in church
  • on the job
  • on watch
  • on that new shit
  • in a snake pit
  • in the compost
  • in a giant bin of maggots
  • on an inflatable raft
  • in traction
  • wearing a nasal canula
  • in the bathtub
  • in a bed
  • alone

“If it has an ending, it’s not a blog but a story–right?”  Look here for an aborted little run I took with this concept. 


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