Probability and Wisdom Essay Exam: “The Tongue Dilemma”

Probability and Wisdom Essay Exam:
“The Tongue Dilemma”

Name: ______________________________________________________

Teacher: ____________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________

Demonstrate your learning in probability, wisdom, comma usage and essay response structure in an essay response to the following:

A Make-a-Wish Foundation wish-grant winner, Benjo Ortego, wants to have his tongue length doubled. He intends, after recovering from the surgery, to make a “mural” of his unused lickable-stamp collection from the 44 United States he has visited. (The USPS being a federal system, many of the stamps are special-release series coincinding with the timing of his travels rather than the locality.) The “mural” is of course to be included in any memorial to him after he passes. A reputable surgeon, Dr. Amadhi Varanashtusi, offers his team to pioneer (the myth of Kiss’ Gene Simmons having had some kind of tongue graft is false) the surgery on Benjo pro bono. The surgeon vows, if granted the necessary consents, to graft a legally donated freshly-severed human tongue onto the freshly severed end of Benjo’s tongue “as if that’s what had just been detached.” He cautions that there is a 25% chance that the tongue will not be able to taste (either the tastebuds won’t work or the brain won’t “read” their signals) but the muscles will work, and a 25% chance of the other way around. Another concern is that Benjo may not be able to close his mouth. Dr. Varanashtusi described the process as “semi-reversible, probably” in the “1% likelihood of total immune system rejection” or the unpredictable possibility of regret. The AMA is staying out of it for now. Benjo really, really wants the double-length tongue, and says he’ll probably “stick it out a lot, but not to be mean.” Benjo’s parents support his freedom of choice and want him to be happy. It should further be considered that Benjo has an above average-sized tongue to begin with, Down’s Syndrome, three years to live, sleep apnea and a wife who suffers from nymphomania. What should he do?


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