You get so stupid
whenever you can,
hang on curtains
and rip them down
so a neighbor sees.

You stand,
just stand there,
at your limit.
A naked place
to drape some clothes.

Bubbles of words,

This is our time together,
when the world is
off your shoulders.

Sure, it’s a cry for help,
just with the children
and the house.
Leaving them for me
unless I call “Help!” too,
or at least ask.

Ditditditdah dah dah ditditditdah…:
a little dancing on the weekend.
You point me to the radio,
say “yes” or “no.”

We all stand, listening
to something. The kids

A little time, never enough,
to be nobody.

Alone and
anyone but you;
protected, tucked in.

Help! Anyone!
I want to be nobody, too,
is all.

Just to come back,
too, to everyone
in place, gleaming.
At will or as the
poison allows.


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