Glen Doherty Traveled From Tripoli to Benghazi Attack

I recently learned that my brother, Glen Doherty, was not at the Benghazi CIA “Annex” but in Tripoli at the time of the attack on the US consulate (or the US “temporary mission,” technically). According to the facts as I now understand them, he had arrived in Libya one day earlier, working with a team of CIA security contractors (“GRS”: Global Response Staff). They heard the news that the mission was under attack and a team of four of them rushed in to help. They chartered a flight as quickly as possible by showing up at the airport and convincing a pilot to fly them to Benghazi for $30,000. In Benghazi they were frustratingly detained while negotiating with the right militias to reach where they wanted to go. They knew that the battle was raging and had now shifted from the temporary mission to the Annex. As soon as they could, they hired a car to rush them to the Annex, arriving at around 5 AM. At the Annex, they joined the fight. Glen, a paramedic, gave some first aid to the injured and fired on attackers from a defensive position inside. He heard that Ty was directing the defensive operation from the roof and went to join him. On the fortified roof, Glen hugged Ty, who gave him a hearty endorsement in introducing him to the 2 other men up there, one GRS and one DSS (State Department security). The attackers may have numbered over a hundred. Glen took up a position in a machine gun nest and took out a number of them. Enemy mortars “bracketed” the building, over- and under-shooting it before three struck the roof in quick succession. The first killed Ty and critically injured the other GRS agent. The second killed Glen instantly. Each of the three severely injured the DSS agent. It was shortly after 6 AM. At this point, readings from an unarmed drone suggested about a hundred more militants were on the move towards them. The decision was made to evacuate everyone to the airport. That operation was successful. The two others wounded on the roof remain very severely injured, but are recovering. My family is rooting very hard for them both.

This information regarding Glen’s role is different than what our State Department liaison told me on the morning of Glen’s funeral, and which I subsequently shared in my eulogy and which many others have shared since. Our family is no less proud of Glen’s heroism in rushing in and giving his life to help with the battle that saved the lives of 20-30 American diplomatic personnel, but the facts are important.

Thank you to those who have helped to learn and communicate the basic truths of the events of September 11-12, 2012 to our family.


12 thoughts on “Glen Doherty Traveled From Tripoli to Benghazi Attack

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  4. “On the fortified roof [of the CIA Annex], Glen hugged Ty, who gave him a hearty endorsement in introducing him to the 2 other men up there, one GRS and one DSS (State Department security).”

    So if David Ubben is the DSS agent (as it appears indeed to be the case), then who’s the third GRS operator? Do you know his name? Is he still alive?

    • Personnel names are kept confidential to protect them and those they work with. Others may break that policy, but I won’t. But the two seriously injured people on the roof both survived and are still working hard at recovering and doing relatively well, I understand.

      • PS Why would Kateshon want to know the identity of the other GSR, or is he just interested in ascertaining how much you actually know??? Of more interest to me is whether the JSOC elite later recovered the two operatives the remained with Glen and Ty at the safe house and who captured. I know nothing about the third operative that was with the five at the conclusion. Looks like Kateshon is fixated in the oral stage, not a good sign as I take it.

  5. Good work clearing that up Greg. Previously this was misreported. The truth doesn’t diminish Glen’s heroism. The temp mission was set up to be sacrificed as a CIA false flag incident to persuade the Libyan provisional gov’t to allow American boots on the ground in Tripoli so the US could buttress their control. You know those wealthy oil interests need more blood for oil all the time. The Libyans guarding the mission beat it out the back when the militia came through the front, Duh! Smith noted in his diary a Libyan guard photographing the interior the day before the raid. From the start it played out as a military incursion and not a riot over a video. Ty and the boys surprised the hajis when they refused to stand down and came to the rescue. Ty, Glen’s idol, went over the wall and eliminated 13 of them. The wasn’t expected and the hagis weren’t interested in the picnic any longer. That team took 20 or so operatives to the airport for evac and then back to the safe house. On return some M-240 ammo and hard drives were missing. Ghosts. The agency intended to sell out the mission operatives and after the dust settled refused to let congress examine them under oath. Wonder why? Half way to Benghazi CIA handlers radioed to have Glen and his hasty team’s flight turned back to Tripoli. Glen was intuitive, smelled a skunk, and reported they were low on fuel so on to Benghazi. No way he was going to desert his SEAL bro Ty. Boshido spirit. The whole skirmish transpired over 7 hours. Plenty of time to fly C-130 gunships in staggered launches from Baghdad that could have made a pass or two and re-fueled in Tripoli. My niece was AF security and routed C-130s in and out Bdad. This craft mostly produces no collateral damage since hajis are lit up like candles to be snuffed and I’ve seen a C-130 drop an AQ warehouse to the ground and leave the mosque next door standing. “Hands” is right, fast movers could have been on scene in close to an hour from Italy. Gen Ham of AFRICON was relieved of his command when he refused to stand down his counter-terrorist trained men from a rescue. Guys from Glen’s group were ordered from security at the house to the plane at the airport and to refuel it, depleting the warrior team there to five. Glen wouldn’t abandon Ty. When the CIA denied support and cut off communications Glen and Ty knew that they were sold out and set up but still fought to the death. Some hard men. For what its worth they gave out well more than they received, Glen being a sniper. The guys on the mortar were US trained and didn’t care who they were lobbing rounds at – $$$. Two of the SOGs were captured and I don;t know about the third. I hope JSOC elite can recover them and that some Israeli Munich justice will be meted out on the militia involved. The drone that was the lowest on fuel could have been crashed into the mortar implacement to save Glen. Drone 2 could have buzzed other militia that didn’t break off. Panetta is ex-CIA and full of crap. When Ty saved those at the mission, the guys from the house were marked by CIA as an alternative false five sacrifice. Sociopaths. There’s more but that’s enough. Keep pushing congressman on the CMH bill for the guys. Now when I think things are tough for me, I think WWGD. What Would Glen Do? I’m sure he’s still looking out for all you Dohertys. Nice to have a guardian angle like that, There’s no better.

    • Ace, thanks for the info and the interpretations. I won’t respond to the latter because I’m keeping my own interpretations private, but as for the information you give, some of it I’ve never heard before. I thank you for it. I would be interested in corroborating all I can. Do you have any sources you could share or recommend? These new-to-me assertions include (1) they were called back in mid-flight but claimed to be low on fuel to continue, (2) people, on orders, evacuated the safe house for the plane before the attack of the safe house was over, while others stayed behind fighting, (3) they had two (surveillance only) drones. I agree that Glen’s close friendship with Ty was central to his urgency to help. I share the wish that all the perpetrators meet justice. Thanks again for studying this and for caring.

      • I understand there’s a House Bill to bestow the CMH on Glen and Ty that was put up and is still floating around. People need to specifically contact their senators and congressman in writing and push them to get behind this. Kate can use the Foundation web-site to request supporters write their Federal legislators to keep this moving and maybe she or you can contact Brandon Webb, Glen’s SEAL brother, to use his SOFREP website to get all the SOG guys behind this and to contact their congressman as well. By honoring Glen and Ty they’re dignifying themselves as Glenn and Ty are also symbols and markers for many other heroic SOG warriors that gave it all in the line of duty and whose names and bravery will be kept secret because that’s the nature of their service. These two whose intrepid valor became public actually stand as much as a symbol as the monument above La Jolla does for those whose names are known and whose plaques are on the wall there.
        As to your questions, Kate knows who I am and my daughter was really tight with Glen and Shannon. I’m reticient to put out sources in the public domain, but I don’t mind discussing this with you. I got info that the select committee would be convened well before it came out in the media and that people in the military would be stepping forward to tell the truth because of the great respect Glenn and Ty earned and how badly what happened to them made those with conscience and some honor feel. It seems CIA people have no conscience and can rationalize their deceit like sociopaths. Glen was no such mercenary. Skied Glen’s run a couple of times at the Bird on the last day of the season. Memorial day. Fitting! Interesting to receive your e-mail as I sit here with a letter to Kate that I wrote the other day and haven’t mailed off yet because I haven’t been able to get the pictures I took this summer at the La Jolla monument printed for to send along to her. More later. Ace.

      • Hi Greg, Sorry to but the communication down for awhile. My life sometimes is not my own as I’m committed to others and they have reasonable expectations regarding my performance and second place is nowhere. Some of what I could provide you, in my estimation, is not anything that I’d like to broadcast over the internet. I would feel better speaking with you personally over the telephone. I’m really not much into texting or even the e-mail, too impersonal and frigid, as well as akwardly slow when you have alot to cover and the question/answer format works better. Before you call, take a seat and make a decision about what you have concluded about the hereafter and even whether there is one. Kate may have met my daughter in Mass. I paid for “KJ”, Kristin to fly to Boston to attend the ceremonies for Glen, my other daughter, Heather, was living in Boston at the time. Kristin was way tight with Glen and Sean from Snowbird (skied “Glen’s” on Memorial Day)and lived at Rodney for a time when she moved to Ca, and after moved in with Shannon until Shannon went off the deep end in her sorrow and began attacking Glen’s friends after he went on. Glen had a premonition that he expressed to Kristin at his going away party. He is an old spirit. He broke up with Shannon about 2 months before he left. Wanted to spare her the grief that sometimes accompanies the service he rendered. We can talk if you want to call me at 801 944-1064. My given name is Frank, and I am. Kristin is the closest of my children to my personality and is straightforward. I’ll even tell you how I picked up “The Ace” handle. Also check out what Colonel Philip “Hands” Handley said about Benghazi on the internet.

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