Other Ellipses

All the time in the world
has been waiting forever
for this, for the first time,
then it remembers

other ellipses,
and other ellipses
intrude, so rude . . .

You know what?  Forget it.
I spent what I meant
on membership in this
family affair.

And if reeling off names
in my sleep helps me sleep,
when I wake up, please just be

nearby. When I awake,
please remind me why
here, now,

Unless we’re meaningless.
But then what’s
with all the lights?

The fairy globes of skylines,
of nightlife commerce.
The eavesdropped wit. . . .

“Even if we’re just thought, we are,”
in the room the woman replied to Descartes.

But where were we?
Or not?